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Take control of your weight loss and live your life your way proven weight loss results Pictures of how to lose weight and diet correctly.

Other Weight Loss Success Stories

The After! Practical information on how they did it! Gender & Age Height Pounds
Read the Story! Lost 30 pounds.
Niles The Butler
The Nanny - CBS Television
Male - 51 6' 0" 32
Read the Story! I feel great!
I wanted to looked my best.
Female - 30 5' 9" 13
Read the Story! I used to eat like most other dancers, TERRIBLE!
I learned how to eat right.
Female - 30 5' 8" 9
Read the Story! I quite smoking, had major surgery and still lost weight.
With all the changes in my life, I thought I was going to gain weight.
Female - 52 5' 4" 10
Read the Story! Fatburn.com got me back to racing shape.
Nothing worked until I learned how the body works.
Male - 35 6' 3" 18

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