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Q:How does the Meals Page work? I will be cooking my own meals.
A:Just enter the foods you cook individually into the "Find a Food" box on the Meals Page. The system will give you all the choices we have in the database and you choose the one that matches what you used. To make your experience easier, be sure to save the meals you create by clicking the "Save this Meal" button and naming the meal.
Q:How should I weigh myself and how often should I enter my weight into the activities page?
A:You should only weigh yourself once a week.  Choose a day of the work week.  When you wake up, go to the bathroom, then weigh yourself.  Use that weight on the Activities Page for the entire week until you do the exact same thing, at the exact same time, seven days later.
Q:The calories burned on my profile seem to be incorrect. Am I entering the information correctly?
A:Some people get confused because they don't realize the highest caloric burn for their day will usually be from just being alive. We call that your "Daily Metabolic Rate". That caloric burn total comes from adding together your basal metabolic rate + the calories you burn during your work day + your stress levels. Most people would have to exercise more than two hours a day to equal their Daily Metabolic Rate burn.
Q:What do I do if I can't find the food I'm looking for in your database?
A:If the food you are searching for is not found, the next page will say "No matches found to "........". Click here to add your own food". Click that link and fill out the next page with all the nutritional information of the food. If you don't have the nutritional information, find a food in the list that is as close as possible. Then, e-mail us and we will find your food for you.
Q:What does the Net Burn on the Summary Page mean?
A:Your net burn for the day is the difference between the calories you consumed and the calories you burned for the day. We recommend that you make sure that your net burn reads "+500" or more so that at the end of the week you have burned 3500 calories. 3500 calories is the amount needed to lose one pound of body fat.
Q:Why does the weight loss profile give me a warning and tell me my goal is unrealistic?
A:We designed the goal setting process of the site to help you achieve your weight loss goal in a timely and healthy fashion. If you are trying to lose too much weight in too short a period of time, the system will give you a warning. There is usually one thing that went wrong with your goal. You tried to burn too many calories per day without burning enough calories (exercise). When this happens the system recognizes you have drop below the minimum amount of calories need to keep your metabolism functioning normally. These minimums are 1000 calories for the average woman and 1500 calories for the average man. When you get the warning you have two choices. 1) Increase the amount of exercise you do each day. 2) Increase the amount of time you give in weeks to lose the desired weight.

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