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Q:How does the fatburn.com work?
A:It is a simple three-step process:
1. Begin with clicking on the meals button.  This takes you to the meals page, where you enter all the food you eat for the day.  Everything! If you eat a one-calorie breath mint, enter it. (You will see later...)

2. Next, click on the activities button.  On this page you enter your weight and choose your workday activities and stress levels.  This gives you a daily caloric burn.  Then you choose the workout activities you did and see your total caloric burn for the day.

3. Finally, click on the summary button.  This is the pay off page.  You will see how many calories you consumed verses how many calories you burned and what your net burn totaled.  You want your net burn to equal or be greater than your net burn goal (found at the top of the page or on your goals page).

When your on the Summary page, you will see the number of pounds (or partial pounds) that you have lost for that day.

We even have the system email you the results!
Q:Why does the fatburn diet work?
A:It works for several reasons. First, you're starting with the eating habits that you currently have and like. By starting there, you will learn where you can improve your diet and lose weight. Also, because it is based on your current habits, you will find it easier to stick to--which is key to success!

Second, our diet is founded on basic scientific principals--you must eat less than you burn each day to lose weight.

Fatburn teaches you about calories and how to live within your body's caloric means.
Q:What surprises do I learn by being on the fatburn diet?
A:You learn that 20% of the foods you eat are responsible for most of your weight gain. By controlling those, you can succeed!
You learn that some foods that you would associate with health are truly not helping you! For example... Eating a salad with dressing can be the same as eating a big cheeseburger, fries and a soft drink. Or a better one... That sports drinks (even one with vitamins) have significant amounts of calories and that your workout was just made useless by gulping down one of these.

You also learn that food choices are more important than exercise choices. 1 soft drink equals 10-20 minutes of aerobics!

Frankly, your eyes will become wide open. You will truly see the world of food and exercise differently.
Q:Why are you so inexpensive?
A:We don't have a meeting hall, office or store that you need to drive to.

We don't have refrigerators and trucks delivering food to a store.

In essence, we have a web site that has the information to teach you to gain control of your weight loss. All of the money that we collect goes into maintaining the site, adding new foods, writing new articles and advertising.
Q:Am I installing software? What kind of machine do I need?
A:You aren't installing software and you don't need a special machine or "hardware."

Our site completely works off the internet. You are only using your browser. The machine and internet connection that you already have is all you need. OR, if your work place allows it, use your office machine right after lunch.
Q:Can I eat carbs on the fatburn diet?

As long as you enter what you eat, you can eat just about everything.

While we do recommend you eat a variety of foods, we don't place any restriction on a specific food or food group.

Frankly, carbs have unfairly been categorized as bad. The real enemy is eating too much food. Not that the calories were from fat, carbs or protein.

We advocate what the U.S. F.D.A. recommends--50% carbs, 30% fat and 20% protein.
Q:Do you offer a guarantee?
A:Yes.  Basically, if you use our system and don't lose weight, we will refund your money.

For slightly more details, please see the Guarantee page for details.
Q:Do you sell supplements?
A:No.  In fact, we believe that taking supplements to lose weight has far too many negatives to make it worth your while.  Aside from the fact that they are unregulated, many have been proven to be dangerous to your health (e.g. ephedrine).  Ask yourself this simple question, "Will you take them for the rest of your life?" The answer is no, and when you stop taking the supplement you will gain the weight back.
Q:If it is just about calories, why do I need you?
A:We provide convenience:
   You will be using a food database of over 20,000 foods.
   Our site does all of the math for you--your daily burn rate, your food and exercise totals, everything.
   You can use our site from any machine connected to the Internet. (No software to install.)
   You can use our site anytime during the day.
We provide real science:
   Get daily feedback on whether your gained or lost weight.
   We provide articles and information to help you lose weight.    Our site keeps you out of your body's "starvation mode"--a reaction that can slow weight loss.
Finally, if you use our site, we guarantee results.
Q:Isn't entering foods daily difficult?

Most people tend to eat the same things on a daily or weekly basis. Fatburn uses this fact and, with its food database of over 20,000 foods, greatly speeds entry.

Also... Isn't daily trading of 10 minutes of your life for a few months worth the lifetime of knowledge you learn?
Q:What does this site do?
A:We offer tools and knowledge to easily take control of your weight and live your life, your way!
We provide clients with a food and activity journal that allows you to see where and why your weight loss goals are getting sidetracked.
Q:How do I pay?
A:We take Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

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